• powerX

    Highly efficient lithium battery technology to replace lead-acid / diesel infrastructure
    with lower cost, intelligent, green energy solutions.
  • powerX

    Realtime management of energy infrastructure to deliver increased resilience
    and enhanced availability in a cost effective, environmentally-friendly way
  • powerX

    Sophisticated, state-of-the-art battery back-up solutions: simple to install with
    greatly reduced maintenance costs and the lowest, most flexible Total Cost of Ownership
  • powerX

    Leading-edge infrastructure management with integrated analytics engine
    to monitor and proactively optimise business-critical energy assets.
Active Energy Management -
Greener, Cleaner and more Reliable

Reliable back-up

Proven reliability with no degradation after multiple thousands of charge-discharge cycles. Scalable solution to increase resilience.

Cost saving

Ability to deliver considerable cost savings over traditional power infrastructure, with no servicing and no refilling of diesel.

Physical security

The intelligent nature of the batteries means they can be fully disabled if removed from their mounting place.

Green energy

With zero carbon emissions you can enjoy being environmentally-friendly with no reliance on lead-acid/diesel infrastructure.

Intelligent infrastructure

Remotely monitored and managed back-up battery infrastructure with integrated analytics engine to ensure ongoing high availability.

Overall TCO reduction

Lithium infrastructure is more reliable, less cost, no need for replacement every three to four years.

Scalable and flexible solutions
developed for each unique customer environment

PowerX Technology ltd solutions dynamically monitor and control the energy infrastructure to deliver increased availability; our integral analytics engine creates system assurance and outcome predictability.

  • Scalable to increase back-up time and/or load
  • Can be implemented in either a CAPEX or OPEX model
  • Greatly reduced total cost of ownership
  • Carrier-grade standard
  • Significant CO² reduction
Global Coverage

Through its global coverage PowerX Technology ltd has the ability to deliver environmentally-friendly class-leading back-up solutions independent of country or geography

Managed Service

PowerX Technology ltd will monitor and manage the back-up system to ensure tolerances are maintained and back-up is available when required to deliver high reliability

End-To-End Solution

PowerX Technology ltd will take responsibility for the initial consulting/solution design phase right through deployment, commissioning and ongoing service provision