• Predictive, AI powered software platform delivers automatic cost optimisation
    by selecting most cost effective external energy source.

  • Realtime management of energy infrastructure to deliver increased resilience
    and enhanced availability in a cost effective, environmentally-friendly way.

  • Sophisticated and unique energy management solutions:
    Simple to install with low maintenance and greatly reduced Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Leading-edge infrastructure management with integrated analytics engine
    to monitor and proactively optimise business-critical energy assets.

What does PowerX Technology do?

Mobile Network Operators spend > $60bn a year on energy to power their base stations/towers.

PowerXprovide a Cloud based artificial intelligence platform to enable the Operators to automatically reduce energy costs.

Proactive Energy Optimisation -
Cheaper, More Reliable, Greener

Fully Optimised Energy Management

The AI driven software platform will automatically monitor and control each external power source and make real time decisions to ensure the most cost-effective option is always used.

Significant Cost Savings

Realtime, automatic selection of the most cost effective power source delivers considerable cost savings over traditional failure/backup infrastructure scenarios.

Green Energy

With the use of complementary Lithium-Ion battery technology, you can enjoy being environmentally-friendly with no reliance on polluting lead acid/diesel infrastructure.

Intelligent infrastructure

Remotely monitored and managed energy infrastructure with integrated analytics engine to ensure ongoing high availability and Business Information reporting.

Scalable and flexible solutions
developed for each unique customer environment

PowerX Technology ltd solutions dynamically monitor and control the energy infrastructure to deliver increased availability; our integral analytics engine creates system assurance and outcome predictability.

  • Scalable to increase back-up time and/or load
  • Can be implemented in either a CAPEX or OPEX model
  • Greatly reduced total cost of ownership
  • Carrier-grade standard
  • Significant CO² reduction
Global Coverage

Through its global coverage PowerX Technology ltd has the ability to deliver cost optimisation solutions to telecoms operators, Tower Co’s and ESCO’s independent of country or geography.

Managed Service

PowerX Technology ltd will work collaboratively with our customers to ensure the best bespoke solution for the chosen infrastructure.

End-To-End Solution

PowerX Technology ltd will take responsibility for the initial consulting/solution design phase right through deployment, commissioning and ongoing service provision.